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NACOG provides and covers the premium cost of medical, dental, and vision insurance for its full-time employees.

In addition, we offer:

  • Retirement through the Arizona State Retirement System
  • Vacation and sick leave for eligible employees
  • Holiday pay for eligible employees
  • Education assistance for eligible employees
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Life insurance and AD&D
  • Long term disability
  • A variety of voluntary supplemental insurance offerings
  • MyGilsbar Wellness Center Resources
  • Tobacco-free environment

For more information on NACOG’s employee benefits, click on one of the links below:

Offered by: 
Standard Insurance Company.

Employee Cost (per month):
$0.00 (paid 100% by NACOG)

Life Insurance/AD&D Benefit Summary:

Life Insurance One (1) times annual salary ($10,000 minimum)
AD&D One (1) times annual salary ($10,000 minimum)


Amount payable for loss of:

Loss of life: 100%

Loss of one hand/foot or sight of one eye: 50%

Two or more of the above losses in one accident: 100%

Reduction in Insurance (Life and AD&D)

If you reach an age shown below, the amount of insurance will be the amount determined from the Schedule of Insurance, multiplied by the appropriate percentage below:

  • Age 65-69: 65%
  • Age 70 or older: 50%

Employees who work more than 20 hours per week and 20 weeks per year will participate in the ASRS.

Under ASRS, employees are required to contribute 12.22% of their gross salary to their retirement, and .19% of their gross salary for long term disability for a total contribution of 12.41%.  NACOG matches that 12.41% contribution.

About ASRS:
The Arizona State Retirement System, created in 1953, is a state agency providing a guaranteed life-long pension benefit, a long-term disability income plan, retiree health insurance and survivor benefits to its members.

Contribution rates are actuarially determined and approved by the ASRS Board of Trustees and are adjusted to ensure the plan remains fiscally sound and able to meet current and future obligations.  The ASRS is a match plan, meaning that the contribution rate applies to employees and employers.

There are two portions to the ASRS contribution rate — the Retirement Pension & Health Insurance Benefit, and the Long-Term Disability Income Plan.  The Pension Plan contribution is a pre-tax deduction, and the Long-Term Disability deduction is post-tax.

For more informaiton on the Arizona State Retirement System,

please visit the ASRS website at or call 1(800) 621-3778.

For questions regarding your benefits, contact the NACOG Human Resources Department.


Vacation shall be earned by each probationary or regular full-time employee as specified in the NACOG Personnel Rules and Reguations Rule 10.  The NACOG employee vacation accrual schedule is below.  For more information on vacation and sick leave, please refer to the NACOG Personnel Rules and Regulations.

0-2 10 160/20
3-6 12 192/24
7-10 15 240/30
11-19 20 240/30
20+ 25 240/30

Sick leave shall accrue for each eligible employee at the rate of 3.696 hours per 80 hours of work.  Sick leave shall be earned for hours worked and for authorized hours of paid leave and holidays.  Part-time employees working 20 hours or more per week shall accrue sick leave in proportion to hours worked.  Sick leave accrual begins with the first paycheck.