Senior Programs and Services

Our goal is to help our clients stay in their homes & communities for as long as it is possible and as long as it is safe!

Senior Services receives new clients from Central Intake through the DAARS notice on the Care Coordinators Dashboard. The notice will state the name of the client, what the client wants or what help the client is looking for. Examples of services would be Home Delivered Meals, Attendant Care, Respite or wanting more help with connecting to local resources. Central Intake screens if they are 60 years of age or older, or under 60 years of age with a disability.


Services provided include assessments for:

Home Delivered Meals
The client must score at least a 3 or higher on the Nutritional Assessment. Plus have 2 qualifying requirements on the Individual Activities of Daily Living. Clients must score minimum or higher in Meal Preparation and then a second minimum score in Shopping, or Transportation or Light Housekeeping to receive Home Delivered Meals. Spousal meals are also available for the spouse or domestic partner whether or not they are over 60 or qualify on an assessment.

Attendant Care
Clients must score minimum or higher in 3 Activities of Daily Living. Activities of Daily Living are: Bathing, Dressing, Eating, Walking, Transferring, and Toileting. Scoring is: 1. Independent, 2, Minimum, 3. Moderate, 4. Maximum. There are guidelines for Care Coordinators to follow for each category. Attendant Care can consist of bathing, grooming, light housekeeping, and shopping.

Respite Care
The client must score a minimum of 2 Actives of Daily Living and their Caregiver must be assessed as moderate or high risk on the Caregiver Assessment Tool. The Caregiver Assessment Tool rates the level of stress the caregiver is feeling. Such as are they able to do some of their individual activities, etc.? Respite is used to give the caregiver a chance to do other things that they could not achieve when taking care of the care recipient. Such as shopping, taking care of their own health, participating in an activity they previously enjoyed but cannot do now with being a caretaker. The provider for respite may provide the same service as attendant care bathing the care recipient, light housekeeping, most anything that would help alleviate some stress for the caregiver. We also have Respite available for caregiver workshops and support groups.

Adult Day Care
This service is provided in Cottonwood, Prescott Valley and Prescott area. This is used for socialization, when a person needs to get out and be with people. Many of our aging population are isolated. Once they no longer drive they are quite often without means to go anywhere. The Adult Day Care will pick them up and take them to the center where they can mingle with others and participate in activities to keep them active mentally and physically. This requires the same score as Attendant Care a minimum or higher in 3 Activities of Daily Living.


Please see below for a list of each service offered:



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