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Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)/Title V

The Senior Community Service Program or Title V is mandated under the Older Americans Act and is funded by the Department of Labor. On the state level the program is administered by the Arizona Department of Economic Security and the Area Agency on Aging/NACOG, is the sub-grantee for SCSEP.

The objective of the program is to foster useful part-time training opportunities (called community service assignments) with non-profit, public/government agencies (called host agencies) for unemployed, low-income persons who are 55 and older and who have poor employment prospects.

Applicants must have training needs, and those who have the necessary skills to secure employment are not eligible for enrollment even though there may not be jobs available due to the depressed job market. There is a 48-month cap on participation in state SCSEP.

SCSEP applicants must meet eligibility requirements:
• Age: must be 55 and older
• Residence: must reside in the State of Arizona upon enrollment
• Employment status: must be unemployed upon enrollment and eligible to work
• Identify training needs to gain employment
• Monthly Income: (125% of federal poverty guidelines: income of 1: $1,226, income of 2: $1,659
Benefits to the participants: the participant receives the training they require to obtain employment and they receive supportive services such as physical exam, work clothes, work shoes, glasses. The participant also receives a training wage of $8.05 per hour paid by Area Agency on Aging/NACOG.