Since the agency’s inception, NACOG Head Start has prided itself on its planning capabilities.  The chart below is from the Head Start Performance Standards and illustrates the Head Start planning philosophy.  At NACOG Head Start, planning is based on the principle that our children and their families are the heart of our program.  The agency also believes that our staff, partners, Policy Council, Regional Council, and community members are essential to the continued success of the program.  In fact, community partnerships have increased over recent years and have included Northern Arizona University and the Department of Economic Security.  Community involvement in the planning process has also increased through the use of telephone surveys and other public forums like town halls.  As this chart shows, program assessment is an integral component of the planning cycle and has received greater emphasis through more sophisticated survey instruments and a broader base of survey areas, including areas of interest to the agency like multiculturalism.  Future planning activities will continue to be designed with this enhanced philosophy in mind.