The philosophy of social services in Head Start is that of supporting families. The social services component of Head Start represents an organized method of assisting families to assess their needs, as well as providing those services and opportunities that will build upon the individual strengths of families to meet their own needs. In Head Start, services are conducted in partnership with families, not for them.

Head Start staff is hired to provide families with information about the program and about support services that are available in the community; to assist families in locating and securing any needed services; to serve as advocates for Head Start and for families; to encourage families to build and share the many existing strengths that they already have.

Within NACOG Head Start & Early Head Start Social Services is made up of the following areas:
  • Recruitment & Enrollment: Through the efforts of staff & parents eligible children & families are located and enrolled in the program.
  • Family Advocates & Family Advocate Aides: Each site has a Family Advocate that is hired specifically to work with families in developing partnerships, as well as to be a resource for anyone in need of extra support.
  • Home Visits: These visits are conducted twice a year with families in their own homes to help continue to build relationships between staff and parents. It is through these visits that everyone involved gains a better perspective of how we can work together, and share in the responsibility of providing the best possible education for each child and family.
For further information on Social Services in Head Start please read through Section 1304.40, Family & Community Partnerships, of the Head Start Performance Standards.