Vacation shall be earned by each probationary or regular full-time employee as specified in the NACOG Personnel Rules and Reguations Rule 10.  The NACOG employee vacation accrual schedule is below.  For more information on vacation and sick leave, please refer to the NACOG Personnel Rules and Regulations.

Years of Service Annual Vacation Days Maximum Carryover Hrs/Days
0-2 10 160 / 20
3-6 12 192 / 24
7-10 15 240 / 30
11-19 20 240 / 30
20+ 25 240 / 30


Sick leave shall accrue to each full-time probationary or regular employee at the rate of 3.696 hours per 80 hours of work.  Sick leave shall be earned for hours worked and for authorized hours of paid leave and holidays.  Part-time employees working 20 hours or more per week shall accrue sick leave in proportion to hours worked.  Part-time employees working less than 20 hours per week are ineligible for sick leave.  Sick leave accrual begins with the first paycheck.