Legislative Advocacy

NACOG advocates for local transportation interests at the state and federal levels through the Rural Transportation Advocacy Council (RTAC) and Arizona Transit Association (AzTA).

RTAC is a statewide consortium of elected officials representing transportation policies, funding, and other initiatives in rural Arizona.  RTAC is staffed by a full-time legislative liaison, and is funded through per capita assessments.  


AzTA is a non-profit statewide organization dedicated to improving public transportation in all Arizona communities. Similar to RTAC, AzTA provides leadership in the funding, advocacy and education. The following are AzTA's goals:

  • Establish a permanent statewide transit funding source
  • Prepare and promote a legislative program that supports AzTA membership at the local state and federal levels
  • Provide proactive communications with members/partners and develop public educational materials to support AzTA’s advocacy for transit funding and legislation
  • Broaden both members and partners base by actively recruiting, and establish collaborative opportunities to support AzTA’s mission
  • Host, with partners, statewide forums that provide educational opportunities for members /partners, and broaden our outreach



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