Plans & Studies

NACOG undertakes various research initiatives focusing on short and mid-range plans benefitting regional stakeholders. Our team of professionals also collaborate with state and local jurisdictions sponsoring their own initiatives. 

Active Studies

Passenger Transportation Study


Once completed, the Passenger Transportation Study (PTS) will serve as a long-term strategy for enhancing passenger transportation services in Apache, Coconino, and Navajo Counties. The study includes a regional transit vision, analysis of current/future passenger transportation needs, and recommendations to structure, fund, and manage expansions/additions to the transportation network. The PTS will offer strategies for local implementation while promoting regional connections and innovations amongst partners. Phase 1 of this study is estimated to be completed in October 2018.

Advisory Committee

The PTS Advisory Committee, which is made up of representatives from the community, local jurisdictions and non-profit service provides, has met twice to provide input into the plan, on April 5, 2018 and August 7, 2018. The Advisory Committee's role is to guide the visioning and strategy development processes. During the third and final Advisory Committee meeting, committee members will offer specific feedback on the draft plan. For more information about the Advisory Committee and their Kick-Off meeting, see the Passenger Transportation Study Newsletter - Issue #1 below.

Public Outreach

The consultants for the project, KFH Group and Southwest Planning and Marketing, along with NACOG staff, held a series of five public meetings to gather input on the Passenger Transportation Study in June 2018. Called "Meetings on a Bus", this community outreach consists of parking a bus in a busy parking lot and inviting people to talk about transit needs in the region. The public could tour the buses, ask questions and fill out a survey. At the end of each day the consultants will conduct a 1.5 hour focus group on each bus. The "Meetings on a Bus" were held in Show Low, Tuba City, Window Rock, Winslow and Page. 

Technical Memorandums (Tech Memos)

KFH Group has conducted detailed, technical analyses as part of the PTS and provides the information to NACOG in the form of Technical Memorandums, or Tech Memos, which will be included as appendices in the final plan. The draft memos will be placed here as they become available.  


Draft Plan - Passenger Transportation Study - September 17, 2018 (Draft)


Review of Previous Transit Studies in the Region - Tech Memo 1 


Demographic and Passenger Needs Memo - Tech Memo 2A


Existing Services Memo (Transit, Human Services Transportation and Vanpool/Carpool) - Tech Memo 2B (Draft)


Review of Outreach Activities - Tech Memo 3


Corridors and Strategies Memos - Tech Memo 4



NACOG Passenger Transportation Study Newsletter - Issue #1 - Spring 2018

Kick-Off Announcement - March 7, 2018



2018 - 2023 Transportation Investment Plan

The TIP is a multi-year capital investment program. TIP-funded improvements may include state highways, local roadways, public transit, intercity rail, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and intermodal facilities, and plans/studies. The TIP requires regional collaboration to ensure resources are shared, maximized and maintained for the benefit of greater northern Arizona.



2017 - 2020 Coordinated Mobility Plan

The purpose of the regionally coordinated transportation plan is to provide more efficient and effective public transportation services, especially for priority populations including individuals with disabilities, seniors, people with low incomes, veterans and others. 



Regional Strategic Transportation Safety Plan

The RSTSP is a joint venture between 25 local governments in four counties seeking to reduce risk of death and serious injury on roadways.  The plan will be developed by Burgess & Niple in coordination with NACOG, Central Yavapai MPO, and Flagstaff MPO. Schedule: December 2016 - May 2018.



Community Needs Assessment

Needs assessment are tools to ascertain qualitative and quantitative data for evaluating current and preferred conditions. 



2015 Arizona Infrastructure Report Card

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCA) presents the 2015 Infrastructure Report Card. This is a national initiative seeking to grade the nation's infrastructure with a goal of education, advocacy, and resource acquisition.

June 2017 PPT Presentation to NACOG Technical Advisory Board


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Hopi Senom 2009-2014 5 Year Plan View/Download
NAIPTA-5-Year-Long-Range-Plan View/Download
2011 Round Valley Multi Modal Transportation Study View/Download
2007 Southern Navajo and Apache County Sub Regional Transportation Plan View/Download
2010 Navajo County Central Region Transportation Study View/Download
NACOG Passenger Transportation Study - Newsletter #1 View/Download
NACOG Passenger Transportation Study Draft Plan 9-17 KFH View/Download
NACOG Passenger Transportation Study Draft Plan 9-17 KFH View/Download
Tech Memo 1 Review of Previous Plans NACOG Final View/Download
Tech Memo 2A Demographic and Passenger Needs NACOG Final View/Download
TM 3 Outreach NACOG - Final View/Download