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Transportation Planning

Transportation Investment Plan (TIP)

Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) maintains a 5-year Transportation Investment Plan, known as the TIP, that tracks federal and state-funded roadway and safety improvements across the region. TIP-funded improvements may include state highways, local roadways, public transit, intercity rail, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and plans and studies. Developing and maintaining the TIP requires regional collaboration to ensure resources are shared, maximized, and maintained for the benefit of greater Northern Arizona. The TIP may also include other regionally significant projects, funded from non-federal sources or other federal and state grants.

The TIP also outlines NACOG’s role in supporting the region using dedicated funding through investments in region-wide transportation plans, projects, and programs to support local jurisdictions and future infrastructure investments. An example of a NACOG-led project is the current three-year Traffic Count Program


The TIP is a holistic, multi-year capital improvement plan to implement improvements for the regional transportation system. The TIP is also a tool to identify, prioritize, and utilize federal funding. Priorities are indicated by the year the project is programmed.

The TIP is a dynamic document that is regularly updated and serves to:

      • Identify projects by design and/or construction phases
      • Estimate investment value of projects
      • Identify funding source(s)
      • Provide a targeted schedule to initiate projects


In December 2020, NACOG started the process of programming the FY 2022 – 2026 TIP. Projects to be submitted into this round of programming were identified through the NACOG funding rotation, a multi-year rotation in which jurisdictions receive a funding allocation based on their population size. The rotation schedule and any needed adjustments are a collaborative effort with participation from all member jurisdictions. The Transportation Investment Plan (TIP) was approved by the Transportation Technical Subcommittee (TSC) and Regional Council on June 24, 2021.

Agency Consultation

A goal of the TIP process is to promote stakeholder relationships that foster cooperative efforts to achieve common transportation goals. Agencies responsible for activities that may be affected by the proposed transportation projects have and will continue to be consulted for their perspectives on planning issues, needs, and priorities.

NACOG will update the TIP every two years with the oversite and participation of member agencies and the public.

  • What’s a Stakeholder? An individual, business, community organization, or faith-based organization that participates in the regional planning process
  • What’s an Agency? A specialized government organization. For example, the Arizona Department of Transportation, or your local town or city public works department.

Project List

The FY 2022-2026 NACOG TIP programs transportation projects over the next five federal fiscal years, 2022 through 2026. The projects are recommended for various stages of development during the program period. The project listings include the location and description of proposed work, project cost, expected funding sources, and the scheduled year of work. The TIP is a dynamic document that reflects project schedules and funding as they may change. To view the full list of TIP projects please scroll to the bottom to download the list. 

This map represents the new projects under consideration in this round of TIP programming:

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