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Health & Wellness

Over half of Arizonans aged 65 and over will have more than one chronic health condition requiring medical treatment. Nearly three quarters of Medicare dollars will be spent on people with multiple chronic health conditions, which now cause more than half of all deaths. Unintentional fall-related injury and death have emerged in Arizona as a major public health problem. In 2015, unintentional falls were the leading cause of injury-related deaths among Arizona residents age 65 years and older. To significantly increase healthy life expectancy and reduce health care costs, Area Agency on Aging -NACOG offers evidence based health and wellness programs to address the impact that falling and chronic disease has on our local communities. These conditions not only concern the individual but impact the community at large by extending to caregivers, family members and healthcare organizations.

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The evidence- based programs offered by the Area Agency on Aging NACOG in 2016 are Chronic Disease Self- Management, Diabetes Self-Management, Chronic Pain Self-Management and A Matter of Balance. We are in a position to expand the number and variety of programs we offer and efforts are underway to introduce the Aging Mastery Program in 2017.

Area Agency on Aging NACOG has increased access to the evidence-based programs by becoming ever more visible in our respective communities. Fiscal year 2016 has shown a marked increase in the expansion of the evidence based programs into senior living communities, faith based communities and other community facilities.

The current evidence-based programs that are delivered by AAA-NACOG staff/volunteers are the following:

A Matter of Balance – falls prevention program
Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP)
Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP)
Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (CPSMP)