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Home Delivered Meals

It can be difficult for seniors to receive the nutrition that they need, especially when it is difficult for them to get out of their homes. Home Delivered meals ensure that seniors get the nutrition that they desperately need. Hot meals provide great nutrition, while still giving seniors the ability to stay in their homes. Home delivered meals give seniors the independence they want while still providing the nutrition that they may not be able to receive otherwise.

Our healthy and delicious meals have been prepared with the purpose of building a balanced diet. They are designed to ensure that seniors are fed, and are getting all of the nutrients that they need to stay healthy. We offer a wide variety of meals so that seniors are never bored with their food. We also offer different meal plans so that they always have food when they need it. Alongside the meals, we will also offer a friendly visit to check on seniors to confirm their safety and happiness. If our delivery people see anything amiss, they can contact emergency services. This helps to make sure that seniors will quickly receive the help that they need if they are living independently.

Our home delivered meals are a great option for seniors that are not as mobile as they used to be, but still wish to live on their own.

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Home-Delivered Nutrition Services (OAA Section 336, sometimes called C2)

The Home-Delivered Nutrition Services of the OAA authorizes meals and related nutrition services for older individuals who are homebound. Home-delivered meals are often the first in-home service that an older adult receives, and the program is a primary access point for other home- and community-based services.

The program serves frail, homebound, or isolated individuals who are age 60 and over, and in some cases, their caregivers, spouses, and/or persons with disabilities.

Recent data from the National Survey of OAA Participants illustrates how the Home-Delivered Nutrition Programs are effectively targeting services:

This program serves much more than food. It provides a safety check, and sometimes the only opportunity for face-to-face contact or conversation that day.

    • 69% of individuals served by this program are 75 years or older
    • The average age of a participant is 79 years old
    • More than 60% of participants indicate that a home-delivered meal provides one-half or more of their total food for the day
    • 91% of participants say that home-delivered meals help them to stay in their own home
    • More than 50% of all participants live alone