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Medicare Benefits Counseling

Medicare/Benefits Staff and Volunteer Counselors provide FREE assistance to clients on Medicare and benefit related issues through one-on one counseling, outreach to the public, and telephone consults. We empower seniors to prevent, detect and report healthcare fraud. We are available at various community settings in Northern Arizona to answer Medicare and Benefit questions. Staff and Volunteer Counselors assist clients with filling out forms; make appropriate referrals and answer questions related to Medicare issues, Preventative services covered by Medicare, Social Security issues surrounding income levels, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicare advantage plans, Prescription Drug Plans, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), Medicare Savings Programs applications, Low Income Subsidy applications, and other healthcare, and public benefits grievances and appeals.

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  • Signing up for Medicare A and B- any issues surrounding Employer insurance vs Medicare, When to enroll, penalties, benefit explanation, and preventative care
  • Medicare A and B Benefit explanation, claims/billing, appeals/grievances, errors/ fraud/abuse, quality of care
  • Medicare part D- prescription Drug Plans; finding a plan that fits their needs, enrollment/ disenrollment, benefit explanation, plan comparisons, claims/billing, Fraud/error/ abuse, penalties for late enrollment
  • Medicare part C-advantage plans; plan comparison, enrollment/disenrollment, benefit explanation, appeals/grievances, errors/fraud/abuse
  • Medigap/supplement plans; comparison, benefit explanation, eligibility, errors/ fraud/abuse
  • Under 65 years old with a disability; SSD, extra help, benefit explanation,
  • Extra help for low income via; AHCCCS, Medicare Savings Plan to include extra help paying their Part B premium, eligibility screening, application assistance
  • Extra help for low income with Prescription Drug Premiums- Low Income Subsidy; screening for eligibility, application assistance
  • Other benefit issues:  VA/military benefits and Medicare, Federal employee benefits and Medicare, early retirement, penalties for non-coverage, Benefit coverage for DME-(Durable Medical Equipment) to include coverage for O2, finding a Medicare contracted provider for DME
  • Senior Medicare Patrol, how to review EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits) and MSN’s ( Medicare Summary Notices), what to do if you find errors, fraud and abuse
  • One on One counseling, Group Presentations, resources and information, and volunteer program

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