NACOG is governed by a Regional Council comprised of public and private sector officials that are appointed or elected by their respective governments.  The council works together to address similar issues faced by the cities, towns and counties in the NACOG region.  The Regional Council assists local governments and other local groups to take advantage of common economic and other resource opportunities. 

Some of the advantages of regional cooperation include:

  • Greater political voice for rural areas
  • Improved problem solving
  • Promotes sharing of scarce resources
  • Improves long-range planning
  • Provides coordinated delivery of services
  • Promotes governmental cooperation

NACOG has proudly served the communities of northern Arizona for more than three decades.  A spirit of embracing and capitalizing on change has enabled the organization to grow into one of the largest councils of governments (COGs) in the country.  NACOG's goal is to continue to assist with both immediate and future social, economic and environmental challenges the communities and citizens in its region will face.

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