Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018



NACOG is kicking off its Passenger Transportation Study in March by forming an Advisory Committee to serve as representatives of the community, local jurisdictions and non-profit service providers and to guide the visioning and strategy development processes that will be included in the plan. The first Advisory Committee meeting will be in April 2018 and Passenger Transportation Study is expected to be completed in September 2018 with Regional Council approval. 



The purpose of the Passenger Transportation Study (PTS) is to provide a phased strategy for enhancing passenger transportation services in Coconino, Navajo and Apache Counties through enhancements to transit and non-profit transportation services. The final product will include prioritized corridors for future transit service or service improvements, and strategies and project to improve mobility in priority corridors within communities.

The PTS strategies and projects will be based on a regional transit vision, developed at the beginning of the process, that includes recommendations on how to structure, fund and manage expansions and additions to the public transit network. The regional transit vision will be long-range, offer ideas for local implementation while encouraging regional connections, and encourage communities to coordinate efforts.

The Passenger Transportation Study is not intended to replace or override the vision of individual communities, but rather to promote regional cooperation on issues that extend beyond jurisdiction boundaries.

The goals of the Passenger Transportation Study are to:

  1. Provide an overview of existing passenger transportation services and recent transit-related studies
  2. Define passenger transportation “need” and identify the most pressing needs in the region
  3. Develop a vision and strategies for meeting those passenger transportation needs
  4. Prioritize corridors for future service or service enhancements based on their potential to support improved transit
  5. Develop one or more service scenarios to improve mobility in priority corridors and establish service parameters for other areas as well
  6. Identify capital and operating costs for each service scenario
  7. Outline funding strategies to implement each transit service scenario
  8. Clarify NACOG’s role in supporting and meeting regional transportation needs now and into the future
  9. Propose how advancements in existing and future transportation technologies can impact the provision of transportation services within and to/from rural communities

The study is Phase 1 of a multi-phase planning effort for passenger transportation in Northern Arizona. Work on Phase 1 will began in February 2018 and will be completed in September 2018. Phase 2, which will move projects from conception to implementation and focus on local level transit, will begin late fall 2018 or early 2019.


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