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Northern Arizona Coordinated Mobility Plan

The Northern Arizona Coordinated Mobility Plan (CMP) serves as a roadmap to deliver coordinated transportation services.

Coordination, in the world of transportation, is defined as the efficient and effective use of transportation resources for getting people to important destinations, such as jobs and medical appointments. The CMP therefore identifies the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities, older adults, and people with low incomes; recommends strategies for meeting those populations’ needs; and prioritizes services for funding and implementation. The goal of the CMP is to maximize the collective service coverage by minimizing duplication of transit services.

The CMP includes Regional Priorities developed through public involvement meetings, surveys, and local community input focusing on four categories:

  • Rider-Centered Improvements
  • Provider-Centered Improvements
  • Technology Improvements
  • Mobility Management Improvements

Organizations seeking federal grant funding are required to be included in the CMP. Contact Planning staff at for information, or see NACOG’s Transportation Policy & Procedures Manual.