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Transportation Planning

Yavapai Passenger Transportation Study



The YPTS provides strategies for enhancing passenger transportation services in Yavapai County and  justification for federally funded public transportation projects in the Transportation Investment Plan (TIP). The YPTS vision, strategies and projects include both long-range and short-term recommendations to enhance community mobility by increasing transportation options for residents to get to medical appointments, employment and shopping. The YPTS offers strategies for local implementation while encouraging regional connections, and encourage innovative collaboration amongst partners, including public and private transit providers and human services agencies. 

Advisory Committee

The YPTS Advisory Committee was made up of representatives of the communities, local jurisdictions and non-profit service providers in Yavapai County to provide input and guidance into the study recommendations. The Committee first met in Winter 2020 where they discussed the transportation needs within their communities and received a presentation from the consulting team on relevant demographic and travel pattern data. In late Spring 2020 the Advisory Committee had its second schedule meeting  to review data and analysis of the public input collected throughout the spring. The Committee attended work sessions Summer/Fall 2020 to develop and discuss potential strategies and recommendations to address the identified transportation needs. The Advisory Committee met for a final time in December 2020 to review and approve the final recommendation to be incorporated into the final document. 

Public Outreach

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public outreach efforts relied heavily on virtual engagement and support from partner agencies.  Cottonwood Area Transit (CAT), Yavapai Regional Transit (YRT) and Yavapai Apache Nation (YAN) Transit placed flyers advertising the public survey on their buses, while the Yavapai County Free Library District distributed survey flyers at all of its locations and through their websites. The online public survey was promoted through a wide variety of websites and social media, with support from NACOG partner organizations, in addition to distribution via email groups. The survey has also been reported on in the Daily Courier newspaper and Alianza website newspaper, a Spanish language publication in Yavapai County. While originally planned as in-person meetings, the focus groups, which target rural communities, shifted to conference calls and video conferences. These meetings have allowed NACOG to collect in-depth information about transportation needs, resources and potential solutions in the County’s smaller and more remote communities that were incorporated into the final plan.


Additional Planning Documents and Materials