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Mandatory Notice Postings for Staff

2021 Flagstaff Employee Written Notice (English)
2021 Flagstaff Employee Written Notice (Spanish)
2021 Flagstaff Minimum Wage Poster (English)
2021 Flagstaff Minimum Wage Poster (Spanish)

2021 Arizona Minimum Wage Poster (English)
2021 Arizona Minimum Wage Poster (Spanish)

Federal Minimum Wage Poster (English)
Federal Minimum Wage Poster (Spanish)
FMLA Employee Rights Poster


Updated 5/28/2020

ALL NACOG STAFF – Please review Group Health Plan Deadline Extensions

Updated 4/24/2020

ALL NACOG STAFF – Please review the updated FAQ’s

Updated 4/9/2020

ALL NACOG STAFF – Please review the following documents under COVID 19 Information above:

  • 4/9/2020 EBP COVID-19 Testing – Treatment Coverages
  • 4/9/2020 EBP Care Act COVID-19 FSA

Updated 4/7/2020

ALL NACOG STAFF – Please review the following documents under staff notifications and COVID 19 Information above.

  • 4/7/2020 Frequently Asked Questions
  • 4/7/2020 Tips for Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation

Updated 3/27/2020

ALL NACOG STAFF – Please review the following documents under staff notifications above:

  • 3/27/2020 HR Memo – 3 Policy Updates
  • 3/27/2020 Memo – Timesheet Procedures During COVID-19
  • 3/27/2020 Printable NACOG Timesheet
  • 3/27/2020 NACOG Timesheet
  • 3/27/2020 FAQs Combined



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