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Transportation Planning

The TIP is subject to revision, either administratively by staff or through TIP amendments adopted by the Transportation Technical Subcommittee (TSC) and/or Regional Council (RC). Revisions reflect project changes that may affect the TIP’s programming.

NACOG staff is empowered to modify the TIP without TSC or RC review. This is referred to as an “Administrative Amendment” and may occur under the following circumstances:

      • Adjustment to federal funding up to but not to exceed $10,000
      • Adjustment to non-federal funding details (i.e. project Identification number, name, project limit)
      • Adjustments to projects not funded through NACOG regional allocations
      • Requests by ADOT for adjustments to non-regional allocations projects

All other requests are subject to TSC and/or RC approval and will be processed as a “formal amendment”.

FY2022 Amendments

FY22 Formal Amendments
FY22 Administrative Amendments

FY2021 Amendments

FY21 Formal Amendments
FY21 Administrative Amendments