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Transportation Planning

The above map demonstrates both the High-Priority Project list (legislative bill), Regionally Significant Project list, and Congressionally Requested Projects from the spring of 2021. 

Regionally Significant Project List

In the Spring of 2021, NACOG conducted a regional planning process to develop a list of transportation infrastructure and planning projects to submit to the Rural Transportation Advocacy Council (RTAC) in August 2021. RTAC plans to take NACOG’s list of High Priority Projects, along with other projects from across Greater Arizona, to members of the state legislature for funding consideration in the 2022 legislative session.

NACOG created two project lists during this process. Both lists were vetted by the Supplemental Funding Planning Committee and the Transportation Technical Subcommittee (TSC) prior to submission to Regional Council on August 26, 2021 and RTAC.

The High Priority Project List is a fiscally constrained list that will be submitted to RTAC for consideration by state legislators. This list will contain the highest-ranked projects within the NACOG region, with a goal of attracting legislator support for an inclusive list of Greater Arizona projects. RTAC will submit the complete list of Greater Arizona projects, totaling $50 million state-wide, for introduction to the state legislators as a single piece of legislation.

The Regionally Significant Project List contains all eligible projects for the NACOG region. This list will be reviewed and updated as new or future funding becomes available. This list can also be used to identify potential projects for the NACOG Transportation Investment Plan (TIP) and other future federal, state, and regional planning efforts. Regionally significant projects enhance connectivity between communities and/or increase access to regional services or employers.

Process Overview: NACOG staff developed a clear and open process in order to create the Regionally Significant Project List. This process was further refined in coordination and support from a Supplemental Funding Planning Committee, made up of NACOG Transportation Technical Subcommittee members with representatives from each sub-region. The Committee helped staff to solidify the project submission process and scoring criteria, and review and rank the projects and plans for inclusion on the lists.

The project lists have been vetted and approved by the members and participants of the Transportation Technical Subcommittee (TSC). NACOG staff will continue to present this list of projects to elected officials and regional and community organizations through the fall and winter to garner support for the proposed legislation in 2022.



The project list is a foundation for which congressional and legislative members can also pick and choose projects depending on funding availability. While the High Priority Project List will be submitted to AZ State legislation, NACOG encourages local representatives to advocate for their priority projects. Should a project be funded outside of this legislative process, NACOG staff will work with the TSC member agencies to replace the ranked project. Member agencies are encouraged to apply for project funding outside of this process – NACOG will support your application with a letter of support that also provides an overview of this process.

The creation of these transportation infrastructure projects and planning lists in no way guarantees state or federal funding to NACOG or regional partners/members. NACOG will maintain the lists and will update them on a regular basis to secure future funding opportunities. Project sponsors may use the regionally vetted and prioritized lists to support other funding/grant opportunities.

The following documents demonstrate the criteria, scoring and ranking development, application process, and collaboration with local jurisdictions.