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Transportation Technical Subcommittee (TSC) Member Resources

Below are links to member resources to assist in your participation in the NACOG TSC.

Did you attend a meeting? To determine who participates in NACOG meetings and events, we ask all committee members and participants to self-report using our new online form. You may fill out this form anytime leading up to or after attending a NACOG meeting or event. This information will help us to identify who’s attending our meetings and events while also fulfilling federal reporting requirements. Please submit your information by following this link:


In-kind Timecard and Instructions 

NACOG relies on the donation of in-kind time, travel, and activities from our member agencies to meet the match funding requirements for our federal/state grants. As our sole source of local match, the in-kind collection is crucial to NACOG’s transportation programs.

Data, Demographics, and Maps 

NACOG coordinates with federal, state, and local governments to collect and manage data relative to regional interests. Datasets are used for researching demographic, transportation, economic, employment, and human service issues.

NACOG Transportation Policy & Procedures Manual (2015)

The purpose of this Regional Transportation Planning Manual (Manual) is to provide guidance to the management and implementation of regional transportation planning in northern Arizona. The Manual is intended for use by NACOG staff and local governments participating in the program and should be considered a supplemental tool to the ADOT Local Public Agency Manual and MPO/COG Guidelines & Procedures Manual.


NACOG Transportation Plans & Programs 

Visit the Transportation Planning webpage for more information on the Transportation Investment Plan (TIP), Regional Traffic Count Program, and the Regionally Significant Project List. 



HURF Exchange and STBG Funding Guidance

These guidelines are the specific policies and procedures for the Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) and HURF Exchange Program. The intent is to provide information and reference materials to assist in the application process for the federal funding made available through Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG).

NACOG Project Scoping Form (New TIP Projects)

Project scoping defines the design and construction phases and cost for the infrastructure project. This form must be submitted as part of the Transportation Investment Plan (TIP) when adding a new project. 

Functional Classification Change Request 

Updated guidance and links on submitting a functional classification change to a roadway within your jurisdiction. ADOT has updated its procedures for such requests and as a result, the process no longer requires NACOG Regional Council approval as shown in the NACOG Regional Transportation Policy & Procedure Manual.

Estimated Engineering Construction Costs (E2C2)

ADOT’s E2C2 Tool provides historical cost-data (equipment, labor, material, haul, and production) to help project sponsors identify and estimate project costs. This data is based on projects that have been awarded across the state.

ADOT Project Initiation Resources 

Follow the link to connect to ADOT Project Initiation Form, Scoping Documents and Guidelines, and Cost Estimating Tools.